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Sid Meier's Civilization V: How to Build a Wide Empire: Explore, Expand, Exploit, and Exterminate. These four things are the four Xs of a 4X strategy game, which Civilization V is considered to be. If your only choice was to play either a wide, sprawling empire, or a tall, small, highly populous one, There's really only two ways that you should build in CIv 5: building tall and building wide. This guide will go over when you should build tall and how to build a tall empire. Furthermore, this guide is meant for All DlC's, but may work for any version of CIv 5 if you modify it Wide empires - Empires that emphasise expansion over city development, usually resulting in more, but smaller, cities When I first bought civ 6 and realised that there are no Zigzagal guides yet I have gone back to play civ 5 again for sometime. Only for your guides! They are amazing, they make you feel like a pro.

With a 4 cities Trad start you can go wide by capturing puppets with a nice army of CBs/crossbowmen before deciding for a peaceful or domination victory. If you really a pure wide/ICS game(and build almost everything by your own, Liberty is far more suited for this approach) you can check for a good guide under my signature playing as Arabians or Mayans(2 of the best civs for this approach) I honestly can't fathom not playing wide on Civ. All my friends have stopped playing with me, because I'm an expansionist warmongering jerk, and they just want to sit there building new wonders in their 5 city empire. Bleh. To bring you over to the darkside here's what I recommend. Start a new Archipelago game as Indonesia Note: This guide assumes you have all game-altering DLC and expansion packs (all Civ packs, Wonders of the Ancient World, Gods & Kings and Brave New World) You rule the classical world's mightiest empire, headed by the legendary city of Rome founded over two and a half millenia ago

A Guide to the Roman Civilization in Civ 5, led by Augustus Caesar. Includes information on Unique Units and Buildings, Common Strategies for Players and AI Dispositions (Flavors) toward Wonder Construction, Warmonger Hate, their preferred victory type, and how covetous they are of their City-State Allies Terminology used in this guide and not in-game is explained here. AoE (Area of Effect) - Bonuses or penalties that affect multiple tiles in a set radius. Positive examples include Factories (which offer production to cities within a 6 tile radius unless they're within range of another building of the same type) and a negative example is nuclear weapons, which cause devastation over a wide radius

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I've played the Civ series for years and have always tended to build as big an empire as possible. Since upgrading to Civ V (steam christmas sale) I've been experimenting with building tall rather than wide and, to be honest, I'm struggling to get the hang of it This is a five part guide on how to win Civilization V. We take you through each of the five possible victory conditions and explain the best strategy to win your game of Civ 5. In this first part we examine how to win with the highest score, this will happen if the game continues until 2050 AD without anyone achieving any of the other victory conditions

This Guide to Civilization 5 with Brave New World and Gods and Kings features will teach you all about raising your Civ's Science output during the course of a game. This should be helpful to players who are struggling to outpace the AI on Prince and higher, while also providing a comprehensive list of things that affect Science to help people max their Science Regardless of which civ you play as, unlocking Forbidden Palace will become much more useful when playing wide. The diplovotes in BNW are almost never why I compete for Forbidden Palace -- it is the 10% empire-wide reduction in unhappiness (not counting the 'conquered' cities, of course) Liberty Wide Game Guide (Acken's version) Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Acken, Nov 23, Of course a civ like Poland will still reign supreme but if you want to play with the Celts it might be a good occasion to test this. Your empire must make sense A guide to the Ottomans Civ led by Suleiman in Civilization 5. Includes information on civ Specials, Unique Units, and Buildings. Offers tips and ideas for workable strategies Which civ 5 civ is right for If you want to expand into an ungodly amount of cities and have them all add something meaningful to your Empire, why not check out our Civ 6 strategy guide

Surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but Germany. While panzers and the Germans UA (Unique Ability) don't receive any real bonus to going wide there is still a good few reasons to do so. #1. Making sure you get oil. Nothing is worse than beeli.. Usefull wide Civs are: Roma, Russia, China, Carthago, Egypt, Persia, Celts, India and Songhai. Probably one more that I've forgotten. Shoshone can also do wide well. Liberty is an obvious Policy but don't disregard Tradition. Wide players often choose the Order Ideology for its happiness boosting tenets. Faith is very important for a a wide empire Back to the list of civilizations The Babylonian people represent a DLC civilization for Civilization V that was released in October 2010. Symbol: Lamassu Musical Theme: Hurrian Hymn (A Zaluzi to the Gods; composed by Roland Rizzo) Music Set: Middle Eastern Architecture: Middle Eastern Spy Names: Rim-Sin II, Smerdis, Ilum-ma-ili, Peshgaldaramesh, Ur-zigurumaš, Semiramis, Em, Ishtar, Bilit. For clarification, tall empires are ones with a few very large and productive cities. Wide empires are ones with many smaller cities. In Civilization 5, global happiness prevented you from creating too wide of an empire. In addition, science and culture costs increased for each new city you founded. My Question. Civilization 6 was released. Back to the list of civilizations The Swedish people (or Swedes) represent a civilization in Civilization V: Gods & Kings. Symbol: Three Crowns Musical Theme: Du gamla, Du fria (arranged by Geoff Knorr) Music Set: European Architecture: European Spy Names: Leif, Ingegard, Sören, Ragnhild, Lars, Lina, Herr Grå, Magnus, Vilma, Kusin Preferred Religion: Christianity () or Protestantism () 1.

That wide gameplay was really your best way to unlock science and technology options for your empire. Therefore, tall gameplay was little more than an opening gambit for Civ 5 players (assuming they bothered with tall gameplay at all). With Civ 6, players got some major changes that have brought the tall vs wide debate back to life. Civ 6 Change Tall empires have an easier time for culture victories, while wide empires are more suited for conquest (at least imho). In general, thanks to the additional happiness in G&K, wide empires will get an advantage over tall ones in the (very) late game - but most tall empires will have finished utopia or the space ship before that really becomes to unbalanced Civ 5 Happiness Guide Golden Ages & Managing Unhappiness in Your Empire Civ 5's Happiness allows Cities to grow and Empires to have Golden Ages. Happiness is an essential resource in Civ 5 Civ V Happiness Guide - amsterdam2018.pvda.nl Empire-wide happiness information can be found in the top bar

Back to the list of civilizations The Egyptian people represent a civilization in vanilla Civilization V. Symbol: Eye of Horus Musical Theme: Ancient Egyptian Melody Fragments* (composed by Michael Curran, orchestrated by Geoff Knorr) Music Set: Middle Eastern Architecture: Middle Eastern Spy Names: Refaat, Heba, Salah, Ahmed, Zakaria, Bastet, Ma'at, Nebhet, Tefenet, Neuth Preferred Religion. The Strategy: ICS piety empire. Backdrop: ICS, or Infinite City Sprawl, in Civ 5 is generally associated with wide empires. This strategy differs from your 4 cities tradition opener or your OCC since you focus on having a wide variety of equally effective cities, instead of only a couple mega cities Strategy [edit | edit source]. Apart from their unique units (best used in slow gamespeed matches), the Romans don't have a very well-defined advantage. It requires a specific approach to the game in which they are played: a wide empire with lots of buildings.The only certain thing with them is that your Capital should have strong Production and be the first place you construct each new. Read Book Guide To Civ 5 Guide To Civ 5 Carl's Civ 5 Strategy Guide for Brave New World and Gods & Kings DLC 10/24/2014: 10 Leader Guides are undone, but the rest of the guide is 95%+ complete. A patch was released on Oct 24, 2014 that reduces Warmonger penalties based on Era. They are much weaker in the Ancient Era and graduall That's exactly what we have done below. The best civs are in the Deity category, followed by Immortal, Emperor, King, Prince, Warlord, Chieftain, and finally Settler. Now, without further delay, here is the Fanbyte tier list for Civ 5 as of February 2020. Civ 5 Tier List - Deity Tier Civilizations. Babylon (Nebuchadnezzar II) Poland.

Civ 5 is a complicated game with hundreds of different variables, but that doesn't mean you need to pick your nation blindly when setting up a game. Some civs are better than others, and understanding the ins and outs of each can swing any game in your favor Good morning Civ Fanatics! I am jumping into Emperor difficulty after a couple of weeks and I gotta say, it is a ton of fun. However, I realize that in order to truly thrive I must know the nitty gritty details of the game. This topic concerns one of those. I understand a wide empire to be an empire that consists of many city Straightforward guide on necessary tools, reskinning & converting from Civ IV. Civitar Guide Getting Civ4 Units into Civ 5 - Full Conversion: Comprehensive guide on converting Civ4 Units to Civ 5. Deliverator Guide Getting Civ4 Units Into Civ5 Using Blender 2.72: Guide on converting Civ4 Units to Civ 5, using Blender 2.72. Wolfdog Guide

Let's get medieval and build an empire by force. Here's how to win a domination victory in Civ 5. We kick off by suggesting the best civilizations to choose, the best wonders to build and the best social policies to chase. If you want a Civilization 5 domination victory here is how to get it Building cities in Civilization 5 is not easy. There are many factors to consider including the overall population of a city and your civilization's total happiness. In this Civilization 5 guide we'll take an in-depth look at how to build the best cities possible. If you're interested in playing on the harder difficulty levels in Civilization 5 this guide is a must-read Here's an overview of all official Civilization 5 Scenarios. Delve into the topic by clicking the links taking you to my strategy guide overviews. Some scenarios were part of the very first release of Civilization 5 (Vanilla). Three have been added with the Gods & Kings addon and two more scenarios came with the Brave New World expansion How to play Civilization V! For more gaming videos, please check out my channel at http://www.youtube.com/blamerobvideos.CIV FANATICShttp://www.civfanatics.com/.. Industry tree - Socialism: building maintenance cost reduced by 15%, Communism: +2 production in each city, +1 production for each mine and quarry, Republic: +1 production in each city, +5% production when constructing buildings, Planned Economy: Factories increase the science in cities by 25%, +50% production when constructing Factories, Fascism: The amount of Strategic resources doubles.

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  1. This guide is for boffins who want to guide their civilization to intellectual mastery and beyond into the stars. You need to construct a spaceship and blast off for Alpha Centauri in order to win a scientific victory in Civ 5. Here's how to do it with notes on the best civilization to choose, the best wonders to build and the best social policies to pursue
  2. Civilization V multiplayer strategy guide provides all the basic to advanced tactics, strategies, and guides about every aspect of the game
  3. 3. CIV V MP groups A guide to some of the bigger CIV V multiplayer communities and steam groups. 4. COMMON CIV V MP Game types Description of different game setups commonly played in the CIV V MP community. 5. MULTIPLAYER TOOLS Tools that might be useful to get the most out of your multiplayer experience. 6. GENERAL ADVIC
  4. Golden Ages & Managing Unhappiness in Your Empire. Civ 5's Happiness allows Cities to grow and Empires to have Golden Carl's Civ 5 Strategy Guide for Brave New World and Gods & Kings DLC 10/24/2014: 10 Leader Guides are In order to thrive in Civ 5 you need access to a wide range of resources. Luxuries will massively boost your.
  5. With Civilization VI's launch just around the corner, you might be giving yourself stress headaches in an attempt to figure out which civ to pick for your very first game. Unfortunately, I can.

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While Civ 6 is now comfortably beating Civ 5's player numbers , that took a long while to achieve. So what gave Civilization V such long-lasting appeal in the first place Civ 6 Culture Victory Guide. Written by Rich Gallien. in Simulation. Winning a Culture Victory is as easy as getting a lot of tourists to visit your civilization, This technology offers several benefits but the 25% boost in Tourism, empire wide, is worth taking notice of Wide 'n' Happy is a series about playing with a wide empire in Civilization 5 while maintaining positive happiness. Game Guides - Civ 5 - Duration: 9:21. BlueMatona 14,645 views Much like in real life, Rome has a rich and formidable history in the Civilization series. The empire has featured in every Civ entry since the original, where the lovely pixelated face of Julius.

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  1. The happiness mechanic is much improved. Simply taking happiness from global to local makes a huge difference. The happiness mechanic in Civ 5 actively discouraged wide empires, despite how intrinsically fun it is to build loads of cities and expand your empire into every nook and cranny on the map. Even one unhappy city could drag your whole previously productive empire down
  2. Check out our guide to Amenities below. Essentially, Civ 6 takes Civ 5 's empire-wide happiness mechanic and writes it small. Rather than letting new cities drag down the empire's overall happiness, each city is responsible for their own happiness in the form of Amenities
  3. Playing Civ 5 as the Netherlands, in a game with 5 other players in a Civilization 5 FFA game. This game had decent land for a wide empire play with hordes of happiness. Led to a strong game with.
  4. You need 1 per 1 citizen Check out our guide to Amenities below. Essentially, Civ 6 takes Civ 5 's empire-wide happiness mechanic and writes it small. Rather than letting new cities drag down the empire's overall happiness, each city is responsible for their own happiness in the form of Amenities . How Do You Get Amenities in Civ 6
  5. Civilization 5 Deity Strategy Guides - Defending Against Early Aggression - Duration: Civ 5 in 5 Mins: Pacal, OP & Wide - Sid Meier's Civilization V BNW LP Summary - Duration: 4:50
  6. While not the most newb-friendly civ, the Japanese Empire is a worthy addition to the A-list tier. Japan gets significant adjacency and production bonuses to several districts making them extremely versatile. Japan gets combat bonuses to coastal battles, and the powerful Samurai can be used offensively or defensively to secure Japan's stability

In CIV 5 both tall and wide empires are viable, albeit wide are harshly situation-dependant whilst tall's always do great. So, I really don't see how you would compare them to EU IV Click to expand.. Getting started. Get a tour. If you have no idea about modding and what are Lua and Xml, you should give a look at Civ5 Modding Explained.. Read the guide. The best introduction to civ5 modding is still the Kael's Guide.However it was written a long time ago and some information is obsolete or missing Civilization 5 is the fifth iteration of Sid Meier's Civilization series. It introduces a number of elements to the series for the first time, such as having hexagonal tiles instead of squares, and implementing a one unit per tile rule

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  1. Acces PDF Steam Civ V Guides rest of the guide is 95%+ complete. A patch was released on Oct 24, 2014 that reduces Warmonger penalties based on Era. They are much weaker in the Ancient Era and gradually scale up to 100% of normal by Atomic. Civ 5 Strategy for BNW and G&K - Carl's Guides WIDE SYSTEM COMPATIBILITY: Civilization V operates on man
  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 01. Civilization Analysis 02. National Wonders 03. World Wonders 04. Buildings 05. Social Policies 06. Religion 07. Terrain and Features 08. Military Units 09. Promotions VERSION INFORMATION 3.08 09/24/12 - Expanded civilization analysis section 3.07 07/25/12 - Added articles section and link to Empire Management article 3.06 07/07/12 - Rewrote promotions sectio
  3. Civilization VI: Gathering Storm - Inca Perks. Mit'a (civ ability) - citizens can work mountain tiles; mountain tiles provide +2 production and +1 food for each adjacent Terrace Farm. Qhapaq.
  4. In Civ VI, your early game decisions represent building the snowball and gently tossing it in the hopes that, come the late game, it's an unstoppable force that has gained too much momentum to be slowed. Truly, the early game—say, the first 100 turns or so—is the foundation upon which your empire will flourish or flounder
  5. ation and religious expansion, blending them with their Taxis.
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Civ Selection. Show all civs. Let me choose. Civ Selection × Select All Select None. Save. Civilization 5 AI Biases. This chart is a reference table of computer personality traits in Sid Meier's Civilization V. It includes information from the Gods & Kings and Brave New World expansions as well as all DLC civs More AoE II Guides:All Cheat Codes.Chronological Order of Campaigns.How to Enable Enhanced Graphics Pack.Simple Fast Castle Build Order.A complete guide to get you started with the Civs of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, their respective Tech Trees, and their individua Queen Victoria, England's longest ruling monarch, saw the expansion of England's global reached with the establishment of the British Empire. Victoria's ability is called Pax Britannica. All cities, founded or conquered, which are away from your home continent, receive an extra melee unit

There are 43 civilizations in Civ5, each with its own leader and unique unit. In addition, every leader has a semi-unique personality, consisting of traits that determine their in-game behavior. For example, Elizabeth of the English, a historical naval power, emphasizes a pursuit of naval dominance and the choices she makes reflects this desire Old World New Player Guide (With Civilazation Series References and Comparisons) By Voqar 2020.06.09 The Old World devs update frequently and I can't do a true update at this time.A big change is new options to control AI agression (defaults to far less psychotic than release) - helps newer players not get crushed so badly in early unexpected wars

Civ 5 has some great factoids in it that dare to even remotely educate a gamer. Most gamers are not looking for an education when they play and by and large if it wasn't for Civ even having them in it, I daresay many players hadn't even heard of some of these rulers before no matter how much they may have contributed or detracted from this world I may be the last to still play Civ 5 but Civ 6 has yet to catch me. Especially this scenario is a favorite of mine. Thank you for your helpful guides. I have used them for other scenarios too but have a few suggestions for this one Read Book Civ 5 Complete Guide Civ 5 Complete Guide | www.uppercasing Read Book Civ 5 Complete Guide Civilization along with the game's Empire-wide resources - gold, science, faith, tourism, and culture. This Guide to the City in Civilization 5 will teach you the basics of managing a City and Page 10/2 And the following is NOT true: - Our war projection of ANY player at war with the victim (and CLOSE or NEIGHBORS with the victim) is STALEMATE or worse. i.e. if we can't take someone at war with them, we don't want them to sweep over us after finishing with this guy Then add a dogpiling bonus: - Add weight for Victory Dispute: 0 if NONE, 1 if WEAK, 2 if STRONG, 3 if FIERCE - Add weight for. 5) Last but not least - big malus to tech cost with each new city. Stellaris also has this kind of malus called empire sprawl, but it is so unimportant that it's almost always better to grab new colony and build few new labs than not doing this. Overall - in Civ V you had to play tall or wide

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  1. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, tricks, and secrets for Civilization 5 for PC
  2. Civ 5 civilizations are slightly more niche than its sequel's, If you want to expand into an ungodly amount of cities and have them all add something meaningful to your Empire, Rome's your go-to civilisation. Austria Guide Civ 5 Free Featured. The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is Here! 26 Jun 2019 0
  3. The very first selection raises Happiness empire-wide, and by the time you reach the growth explosion of the classical Era you will need every smiley face you can get. Apply the Opiate of the People liberally on your populace, excavating the tree toward the wonderful Tier 4 meta-Policy of Free Religion, which grants 2 Free Policies when taken
  4. If you are into empire-building apps and looking for an advanced strategy game to improve your strategic thinking skills, you have come to the right place. Sid Meier's Civilization VI, often referred to as Civ 6, Civ, or Civ VI, is finally available for mobile devices. Civilization VI is free to try on your Android device
  5. 'Civ 6' beginners' guide: Tips for how to play your first game of 'Civilization VI' By Dennis Scimeca. and can become important parts of your early empire.2K Games/Civilization VI 3
  6. Civilization 6 guide, tips and tricks - how to lead your civilization to glory From leader profiles to in-depth strategies in every game phase. Guide by Stace Harman , Contributo
  7. Continue your quest to build your greatest empire with the Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass, featuring eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, and a variety of new gameplay content, including six new game modes
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Civilization V is a turn-based strategy game, where each player represents the leader of a certain nation or ethnic group (civilization) and must guide its growth over the course of thousands of years. The game starts with the foundation of a small settlement and ends after achieving one of the victory conditions—or surviving until the number of game turns end, at which point the highest. The Ultimate Empire Earth Strategy Guide(5+pages on Winword) A wide variety of robots/cyborgs are at use Way point cits to wood and pick civ 3. Send a group of 5 citizens to a gold mine First, a city with close to 20000 culture is just what you need to push you over the 100000 culture mark. However, with the empire victory, your empire must have at least twice the culture of any other civ, and it's quite possible that despite all your hard work this might not be the case. Thus, the 20000 city is an essential backup plan If you're new to Civilization, know that each civ and leader in the game has unique traits that set them apart from one another.The Civ 6 base game comes with a total of 20 different leaders — each with their own leader ability, civ ability, unique unit, unique improvement, and leader agenda.. We cover each of these factors for all 20 leaders in base Civ 6 below

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Defying the urge to phone-in an unambitious sequel and coast on past successes, Sid Meier's Civilization V is anything but a lazy rehash. It feels almost as if someone described the concept of the. Zivilisationen & Herrscher. Civilization V bietet dem Spieler in der Grundversion 18 unterschiedliche Zivilisationen mit jeweils einem Anführer, die durch das kostenlose DLC der Mongolen auf mindestens 19 erhöht werden. Weitere DLCs können die Anzahl auf derzeit reguläre 25 Nationen ausweiten By T.J. Hafer 07 February 2018 2010's Civ 5 still has more players on Steam. We talked to the Civ community about the clash between old and new. Comment

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This is where wide can be superior since the more Mughal Forts you have, the more empire-wide benefits you gain. In the end, after researching Flight, your Mughal Forts will generate +4 culture, +2 Gold, +1 Happiness, and +2 Tourism Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history's greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time. Coming to PC on October 21, 2016 Using this guide []. Stellaris contains a lot of stuff for players to explore and as a result of that, this page contains a lot of information and is therefore rather lengthy, despite its intention of being a beginner's guide.. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by the amount of information found on this page, it is advised for new players to read through this guide step by step as they enter.

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  1. Civilization VI is a dense game, but you can ease the learning curve by understanding all of the cultures and leaders. Here's every culture available in Civ VI
  2. The Mayan empire in the video game Civilization 5 is one of many different types of civilizations in the game. This guide will give cover the benefits this civilization receives along with their leader, Pacal the Great, the Long Count ability and their special units, the Atlatlist and Pyramid
  3. These will help provide amenities to support a large empire, tall and/or wide. The traders will construct roads to and from your capital through dense forest and rainforests. Summary As Mvemba plan on early agression, early expansion and to capture 1 or 2 Holy Cities to get a head start on religion
  4. You should also take advantage of Arabia's unique building, the Madrasa, as it gives you more Science than any university it replaces. The Civ's unique ability is the Last Prophet, which you can use to establish any religion in the game. China — Qin Shi Huang. If you want to build a massive empire in Civ 6, choosing China is the way to go
  5. While Civ 6 comes with a decent, basic gameplay tutorial, making it to your first victory may be a bit trickier than it seems. So we decided to put together our own beginner's guide of strategy and tips you need to know to achieve your first victory
  6. WoundedKnight's Strategy Guide; Civilization IV: Empire Management. A Beginner's Guide to the Specialist Economy (SE) An Advanced Guide to the Specialist Economy for Emperor and Above; Balancing Growth and Warfare in Civ IV; BTS: A guide for higher difficulties for standard speed and maps (emperor+) Choosing the Right Kind of Power Plan
  7. Welcome to both Civilization VI, and the Civilization VI Wiki! Greetings! Whether you're a returning civ geek or it's your first time playing a 4x game, it does appear you've made the plunge and are interested in Civ 6. The world of Civilization can be a bit intimidating if you haven't yet played any of the prior releases, or quite a bit has changed if you have, so sit back relax and read up.

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Civilization 6 strategies - How to master the early game, mid-game and late game phases Now you've got the basics, here's how to dominate each phase of your campaign Civilization VI is a 4X video game in the Civilization series, developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2K Games, and distributed by Take-Two Interactive. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on October 21, 2016, with a planned port for OS X & Linux sometime later.1 1 In-Yogiverse 2 Main series 2.1 Season 1: A New Era 2.2 Season 2: Warmongers 2.3 Season 3: Winter Wonderland 3 Other. This guide will make it a bit easier to narrow down your decision. Choosing a Pantheon - Civ 6 For the most part, the pantheon you choose is going to be based on thee things: terrain, your leader's strengths, and the type of victory you want to pursue

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Civilization 6 Leader list: Every Leader Agenda, Trait, Ability and Unique Unit. Below you'll find a list of every Civ 6 leader and their traits, including the new leader, Jadwiga, from the Poland. If you're looking for more resource-focused Civ 6 guides, meanwhile, we also have pages on how to earn Science, how to earn Gold, and how to earn Culture and Tourism in Civ 6, too The Spanish are a playable European civilization in Age of Empires III.. The Spanish are a European Catholic nation that was the first European country to reach America and create a world empire. They are well known for having defeated and annexed the majority of native civilizations there, especially the Aztecs, Mayas (Mesoamerica) and the Incas (South America) The Score victory, also known as Time victory, is a victory condition in Civilization VI. 1 Description 2 Notes 3 Details 4 See also A score victory occurs when no civilization has achieved any other victory by the end of the game. In this case the civilization with the overall highest score will win. A game lasts until the year 2050, or 500 turns on a standard game. A Score victory merely.

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